Evil Bydo's stuffs:

  • Model Color Space ship
  • Beam Window color Space ship
  • Wave Cannon
  • Force
  • Bit Device
  • Missiles

List of Evil Bydo's Wave Cannons with Hyper Beams (14):

  • Shower Cannon (Hyper Tornado)
  • Gold Rush Cannon (Hyper Sun-ring)
  • Prism Rhythm Cannon (Hyper Blazer)
  • Claw Wave Cannon (Hyper Razor)
  • Dantalion's Flute (Hyper Dark-beam)
  • Scale Wave Cannon (Hyper Stein-blast)
  • Bydo Spirit Cannon (Hyper Ghost-soul)
  • Ivy Rod (Hyper Stem-sting)
  • Devil Wave (Hyper Dark-waver)
  • Acid Spray (Hyper Smoker)
  • SEXY Wave Cannon (Hyper Water-claw)
  • Force Wave Cannon L.M (Hyper Steel-force)
  • Bydo Seed Gun (Hyper Leaf-blade)
  • Love Sign Wave Cannon (Hyper Heart-wave)

List of Evil Bydo's Forces with Red, Blue and Yellow laser types (14):

"Flower Force"

  • R: Seed Cannon
  • B: Spike Laser
  • Y: Flower Swing

"Beast Force"

  • R: Anti-air Laser B
  • B: Reflection Laser B
  • Y: Anti-ground Laser B

"Bydo Force"

  • R: Gondolan Laser
  • B: Dauber Laser
  • Y: Norzarie Laser

"Gold Force"

  • R: Golden Arrow
  • B: Golden Sphere
  • Y: Golden Seeker

"Platinum Force"

  • R: Horizontal Laser
  • B: Chase Laser
  • Y: Vertical Laser

"Diamond Force"

  • R: Star Spiral
  • B: Shooting Star
  • Y: Star Dust

"Scale Force"

  • R: Scale Shot
  • B: Scale Blaster
  • Y: Scale Launcher

"Claw Force"

  • R: Screw Laser
  • B: Arc Laser
  • Y: Laser Claw

"Sexy Force"

  • R: Lipstick Ray
  • B: Eye Shadow Ray
  • Y: Mascara Ray

"Life Force"

  • R: Blood Laser
  • B: Pulse Laser
  • Y: Neuro Laser

"Mist Force"

  • R: Sun Beam
  • B: Rain Beam
  • Y: Storm Beam

"Metallic Force"

  • R: Lance Metal
  • B: V Metal
  • Y: I Metal

"Love Force"

  • R: Heart Attack
  • B: Heart Break
  • Y: Heat Beat

"Ivy Force"

  • R: Vine Laser
  • B: Wall Laser
  • Y: Whip Laser

List of Evil Bydo's Bit Devices (3):

  • Eyeball Bit
  • Round Bit
  • Shadow Bit

List of Evil Bydo's Missiles (6):

  • Eyeball Homing Missile x2
  • Homing Missile x2
  • Enhanced Homing Missile x2
  • Depth Bomb x2
  • Scatter Bomb x2
  • Photon Missile x2