R-Type's stuffs:

  • Model Color Space ship
  • Beam Window color Space ship
  • Wave Cannon
  • Force
  • Bit Device
  • Missiles

List of R-Type's Wave Cannons with the Hyper Beam (29):

  • Standard Wave Cannon (Hyper Piercing)
  • Force Wave Cannon (Hyper Force)
  • Decoy Wave Cannon (Hyper Clone)
  • Mega Wave Cannon (Hyper Splash)
  • Giga Wave Cannon (Hyper Edges)
  • Photon-Belt Wave Cannon (Hyper Solar)
  • Steady Photon-Belt Wave Cannon (Hyper Light-Solar)
  • Diffusion Wave Cannon (Hyper Vortex)
  • Shock Wave Cannon (Hyper Quaker)
  • Supernova Wave Cannon
  • Illusion Wave Cannon (Hyper Deviant)
  • Lightning Wave Cannon (Hyper Lightning)
  • Bydo Cannon
  • Cataclysm Wave Cannon (Hyper Meteoroid)
  • Nano-machine Wave Cannon (Hyper Nano-homing)
  • Split Wave Cannon (Hyper Explode)
  • Goliath (Hyper Goliath)
  • Bubble Wave Cannon
  • Crystal Wave Cannon
  • Mini Burst Wave Cannon (Hyper Burster)
  • Pile Bunker (Hyper Binchou-spike)
  • Photon Vulcan (Hyper Spreader)
  • Recon Wave Cannon (Hyper Magic-con)
  • Seizure Wave Cannon (Hyper Search)
  • Lock-On Burst (Hyper Ray-lock)
  • Lock-On Laser (Hyper Solar-lock)
  • Flame Wave Cannon (Hyper Burner)
  • Barrier Wave Cannon (Hyper Defend)
  • Carnival Wave Cannon (Hyper Zigzag)

List of R-Type's Forces with Red, Blue and Yellow Laser types (39):

"Standard Force"

  • R: Air-to-Air Laser
  • B: Reflective Laser
  • Y: Air-to-Ground Laser

"Standard Force C"

  • R: Shotgun Laser
  • B: Search Laser L.45
  • Y: Anti-ground Laser

"Standard Force K"

  • R: Shotgun Laser
  • B: Split Laser
  • Y: Anti-ground Laser

"Standard Force D.X"

  • R: Anti-air Laser D.X
  • B: Reflection Laser D.X
  • Y: Anti-ground Laser D.X

"Standard Force H"

  • R: Anti-air Laser H
  • B: Search Laser H
  • Y: Vertical Laser H

"Defensive Force"

  • R: Twin Laser
  • B: Dispersion Impact Laser
  • Y: Defense Laser

"Defensive Force D.X"

  • R: Twin Laser W
  • B: Impact Dispersion Laser
  • Y: Defense Laser W

"Camera Force"

  • R: Scout Laser Red
  • B: Scout Laser Blue
  • Y: Scout Laser Yellow

"Camera Force II"

  • R: Scout Laser Red S.P
  • B: Scout Laser Blue S.P
  • Y: Scout Laser Yellow S.P

"Camera Force III"

  • R: Scout Laser Red H.G
  • B: Scout Laser Blue H.G
  • Y: Scout Laser Yellow H.G

"Spherical Radial Dome"

  • R: Ruby Laser
  • B: Sapphire Laser
  • Y: Topaz Laser

"Spherical Radial Dome D.X"

  • R: Ruby Laser Plus
  • B: Sapphire Laser Plus
  • Y: Topaz Laser Plus

"Fire Force"

  • R: Chain Fire
  • B: Fire Bomb
  • Y: Fire Barrier

"Flame Force"

  • R: Chain Flame
  • B: Flamethrower
  • Y: Flame Wall

"Gallop Force"

  • R: Laser Beam
  • B: Laser Wiper
  • Y: Laser Chaser

"Gallop Force"

  • R: Laser Beam S
  • B: Laser Wiper S
  • Y: Laser Chaser S

"Chain Force"

  • R: Alpha Laser
  • B: Beta Laser
  • Y: Gamma Laser

"Anchor Force"

  • R: Shade Alpha
  • B: Search Beta
  • Y: Terminator Gamma

"Anchor Force D.X"

  • R: Shade Alpha Plus
  • B: Search Beta Plus
  • Y: Terminator Gamma Plus

"Shadow Force"

  • R: Reverse Laser
  • B: All Range Laser
  • Y: Guide Laser

"Cyclone Force"

  • R: Through Laser
  • B: Splash Laser
  • Y: Capsule Laser

"Leo Force"

  • R: Claw Laser
  • B: Mirror Laser
  • Y: Search Laser L.R.G

"Leo Force D.X"

  • R: Claw Laser D.X
  • B: Mirror Laser D.X
  • Y: Search Laser L.R.G D.X

"O.F Force"

  • R: Drill Laser
  • B: V-Ball Laser
  • Y: Side Laser

"O.F Force II"

  • R: Ring Laser
  • B: Rebound Ball
  • Y: Search Laser L.R.B

"O.F Force III"

  • R: Wipe Laser
  • B: Plasma Flame
  • Y: Mufti Barrier

"O.F Force IV"

  • R: Gravity Bomb
  • B: Search Missile
  • Y: Grand Missile

"O.F Force V"

  • R: Spread Cannon
  • B: 7-Way Vulcan
  • Y: Barrier

"Tentacle Force"

  • R: Sting Ray
  • B: Hound Ray
  • Y: Snail Ray

"Flexible Force"

  • R: Lightning Tentacle Laser
  • B: Joint Laser
  • Y: Double Snail Laser

"Rodless Force"

  • R: Fractal Laser
  • B: Thunder Laser
  • Y: Tentacle Laser Prototype

"Needle Force"

  • R: Wavy Laser
  • B: 3-Way Reflect Laser
  • Y: Bounce Laser

"Needle Force D.X"

  • R: Wavy Laser D.X
  • B: Rainbow Laser
  • Y: Irregular Laser

"Drill Force"

  • R: Drill Laser X
  • B: Whirlwind Laser
  • Y: Napalm

"Mr. Heli Force"

  • R: Power Up Shot
  • B: 2-Way Shot
  • Y: Propeller Laser

"Cube Force"

  • R: Double Fractal Laser
  • B: Slant Fractal Laser
  • Y: Vertical Fractal Laser

"Shield Force"

  • R: Laser Lance
  • B:Laser Blade
  • Y: Laser Shield

"Mirror Shield Force"

  • R: Laser Lance
  • B: Laser Blade
  • Y: Laser Shield

"Beam Saber Force"

  • R: Crimson Beam
  • B: Indigo Ray
  • Y: Ocher Ray

List of R-Type's Bit Devices (11):

  • Round Bit
  • Shadow Bit
  • Camera Bit
  • Mr. Heli Bit
  • Psy Bit
  • Psy Bit Plus
  • Shield Bit
  • Red Pod
  • Blue Pod
  • Yellow Pod
  • Green Pod

List of R-Type's Missiles (9):

  • Homing Missile x2
  • Enhanced Homing Missile x2
  • 4-Way Homing Missile x4
  • 6-Way Homing Missile x6
  • Depth Bomb x2
  • Scatter Bomb x2
  • Photon Missile x2
  • Anti-ground Missile x2
  • Vertical Missile with Depth Bomb x3